Paramedic Refresher and Test Prep Bundle

This program is designed for the NRP or State paramedic who needs a refresher course to re-certify your State and/or National Registry Paramedic certification, or the Paramedic student who has been unsuccessful with the National Registry Paramedic exam 3 times and needs an accepted refresher course that will allow you to retest, or are a State certified paramedic and you need an accepted refresher course to allow you to take the National Registry exam.


48 hour Refresher

Distance CME™ offers LIVE online lectures in palatable 2-hour modules. The modules cover both the core and flexible refresher course content, offering medics the capability of satisfying 100% of the required 48 hours without ever having to leave their home or station. The lectures are scheduled to accommodate the busy provider’s varying shifts as well as addressing the needs of medics in varying time zones, even paramedics overseas. CAPCE Accredited F-5 VILT

Our refresher programs delivers all 48-hours in an Instructor led format! This Paramedic refresher does not provide practical skills validation. Your training officer or medical director must help you fulfill this requirement.

CECBEMS/CAPCE course number for refresher course is 17-Gann-F5-0001

There are classes every day, no reason to go in order. Classes are in session 7 days a week, morning, afternoon, and evening to accommodate all schedules and time zones. Check out the current Course Calendar.

Paramedic Test Preparation

This comprehensive three stage program is designed to help the Paramedic Student or currently State Certified Paramedic successfully pass the NRP Exam. We are the ONLY Company using this three step approach, with our mentors we have achieved a 95% pass rate!  We recommend you use our Refresher, and give us 30 days minimum before scheduling your NREMT Exam in consultation with your Mentor. Call and ask us why!

Stage One:

A Dynamic Online Assessment Tool to Help Students Prepare for Exams, Paramedic Review Plus is a series of self-study modules offering practice exams and simulated certification exams, using case-based questions and detailed rationales. Content of this Test Prep has been fully updated to align with the National EMS Education Standards and ECC Guidelines, and includes:

• Four 100-question NREMT style practice examinations
• Nine 25-question topical diagnostic exams in all major paramedic modules
• 15 clinically acquired ECG strips for practice
• 20 medication calculation questions

Stage one is powered by the LEADER in NREMT testing Preparation Limmer Creative!

Stage Two:

Access to a Mentor to guide you through the entire process. Learn how adaptive testing works and how to overcome it. Here is where a live mentor really helps, where we look at the data from Stage One, find out what you know and more importantly DON’T KNOW, then what and how to study. 

Stage Three:

A two hour session to tie it all together, Instructor led small group (no more than 5 students) discussing knowledge deficits, testing strategies and common mistakes made during testing.

Paramedic Refresher

Topics Covered:

Airway and Ventilation 8 hours

  • Ventilation 2 hours
  • Capnography 1 hour
  • Oxygenation 0.5 hour
  • Opioids 0.5 hour
  • Advanced Airway Management 2 hours
  • Pedi Arrest Management 1 hour
  • Cardiac Arrest Management 1 hour

Cardiac 8 hours

  • Cardiac Arrest Management 1 hour
  • Pedi Arrest Management 1 hour
  • ROSC Care 0.5 hour
  • VAD 0.5 hour
  • EMS Research 1 hour
  • Stroke 1.5 hours
  • Medication Delivery 0.5 hour
  • CHF 0.5 hour
  • ACS 1 hour

Medical 8 hours

  • Diabetes 1 hour
  • Seizures 0.5 hour
  • Infectious Diseases 0.5 hour
  • Special Health Care Needs 2 hours
  • Behavioral 1 hour
  • Field Triage/MCI 1 hour
  • Heat/Cold Emergencies 1 hour
  • Altitude/Dive Injuries 1 hour

Trauma 6 hours

  • CNS Injuries 1 hour
  • Trauma Triage 1 hour
  • Bleeding Control 0.5 hour
  • Fluid Resuscitation 0.5 hour
  • Pain Management 1 hour
  • Abdominal Trauma 0.5 hour
  • Thoracic Trauma 0.5 hour
  • Burn Management 0.5 hour
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries 0.5 hour

OB GYN/PEDS 16 hours

  • Gynecological A&P 0.5 hour
  • Obstetrical A&P 0.5 hour
  • OB/GYN Assessment 0.5 hour
  • Pregnancy 0.5 hour
  • Fetal Growth/Development 0.5 hour
  • Neonatal Care 0.5 hour
  • Neonatal Emergencies 1 hour
  • OB Emergencies 0.5 hour
  • Medication Delivery 0.5 hour
  • Crew Resource Management 1 hour
  • Lifespan Development 0.5 hour
  • Pediatric A&P 0.5 hour
  • Pedi Seizures 0.5 hour
  • Pedi Preventable Injuries 0.5 hour
  • Pedi Emergencies 1 hour
  • OB Trauma Management 1 hour
  • Pedi Assessment 1 hour
  • Pedi Abuse/Neglect 1 hour
  • L-22 OB/Peds 2 Pedi Abuse/Neglect 1
  • Toxicological Emergencies 1 hour
  • Pediatric Transport 0.5 hour
  • Immunological Emergencies 0.5 hour
  • At Risk Populations 1 hour

Operations 2 hours

  • Ambulance Safety 0.5 hour
  • Culture of Safety 0.5 hour
  • Evidence Based Guidelines 0.5 hour
  • Provide Hygiene/Vaccinations 0.5 hour